What is a Traded Endowment Policy?

  • Sat 14th Dec 2019 - 7:16am
    Michael Dawson recently said goodbye to a 20 year Abundance With Money Review career in Engineering, Marketing and Sales to focus on living his dream of financial independence as a full-time trader on his on account. He has also established a financial education company, The Time & Money Group, to encourage others to pursue financial freedom and is publisher of the company's blog "Breaking the Shackles of the 9 to 5." His mantra is "Why trade time for money ... when you can have both." Why do you need to diversify your income and your wealth base? OK. First, it is a SMART move. Ever heard the saying: "Don't keep all your eggs in one basket?" What if you lost your job? What if the pay packet from that job was the only thing that was sustaining you and your family? Now think of this... what if you had income coming in from other sources? Would losing your job be such a calamity then? I doubt it. Having a "back-up" plan is smart. Diversifying your income is smart too. Yet so few people do diversify their incomes. Most people just keep doing the 9 to 5 routine, day in, day out, week in, week out, year in year out. All of a sudden a decade slips by and you are still trudging along the same path. You are no wealthier despite all your toil.

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