Joomla CDN: Is Speed the New King?

  • Thu 12th Dec 2019 - 5:14am
    Bugtracking is the fine art of triaging problems Doodle Video Creator Review in code. Triage is a term borrowed from medical parlance where doctors were overwhelmed with patients and had to choose which ones to work on, based on criticality of the disease, likelihood of success in fixing the condition with the resources available, and how likely the condition was to come up again. Interestingly enough, with bugtracking methodologies, there is a similar hierarchy of information. Criticality of the bug means that it happens frequently, or when it happens at all, completely unacceptable results come from it. The ability to fix the bug depends on how accurate the reports are when submitted by a user; whether the bug is repeatable without effort, or only appears randomly when someone is doing something with the software that no sensible user would do. Likewise, being able to isolate specific versions of the software and specific issues is a great aid in helping the developers go through the source code and fix the problem. (This is where the quip about Python comes into play. Code that can be read after it's been written and is clearly documented, is much easier to bounds check and version check than code that was dashed off in a hurry, was made to work, and then moved on from.)

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