Mis-Using Your Talents Have Karmic Repercussions

  • Thu 12th Dec 2019 - 4:08am
    Swedenborg probably had advanced powers Ultra Manifestation Review of concentration. Even without his breathing control, he was a practised scholar, a single man, with private means who was in a position to devote much of his time to study. When controlling his breathing he would try to relax, and with his eyes shut, do his best to concentrate on the issue at hand. He had learned to reduce his breathing so that it would nearly stop. He found that, as he did this, his consciousness of what could be seen and heard physically around him, would greatly reduce and perhaps disappear. He became totally focused on the one thing he wanted to better comprehend. Wilson Van Dusen in his book The Presence Of Other Worlds points out that as a result of reflection aided by reduced breathing, the problem Swedenborg was focusing his mind on would blossom out in new, rich and surprising ways. a Swedenborian Explanation So how might reduced breath aid the concentration needed for meditation? Swedenborg suggests the following. Bodily sensation is awareness of the external world and it depends on respiration of the body - for when the breathing completely stops, so does all conscious sensation. Likewise, he would argue, the awareness of your inner world depends on its own inner breath - the respiration of the spirit. My breathing was developed by the Lord in such a way that I was able to breathe inwardly for quite a long time without the help of outside air, so the breathing was directed inwardly, (Swedenborg, SD 3317)

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