Church: Where Do We Go From Here!

  • Tue 10th Dec 2019 - 4:36am
    The next stage down, after more of life is Full Chakra Reset Program Review captured in further losses, we find the person thrusting out at danger. He perceives something bad is going to happen and his reasoning is not so good. Here we have antagonism, hostility, anger and hate. These are all outward motions against some perceived danger. Note the being himself is not so much in motion as he is repelling the threat, keeping the threat away. Next down the scale is fear, anxiety and terror. Here the being is seeing the threat as real but he cannot repel it. He is moving away from the threat. He does not feel safe in confronting it. He has had many losses and has just enough life to be able to move away from the threat. Next down are the tones of sympathy, victim and grief. There is still some slight motion here but not much as the accumulated losses have trapped almost all of his life force, almost overwhelming him. Next is apathy, useless and dying. Here the being is motionless and has succumbed to the threat. There are more emotions to the scale than what I have mentioned here but these above are the main ones. How well you are doing spiritually is where you are on the scale. If you are doing well in life you will be at the top, but if you are not doing well, you descend accordingly. The purpose of this scale is simply to put some order in knowing what these emotions are and where they are leading to.

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