Understanding Proof of Faith in Word and Spirit

  • Tue 3rd Dec 2019 - 4:46am
    This moment is all we have. It is all that is Life Wisdom Matrix Review guaranteed. The past is finished. The future is unknown. We have no control over either. Yet we waste so much time and energy worrying about the future and fuming about the past. Let it go. Live for this moment. Enjoy what is happening right now. Make plans, but don't live for tomorrow. Live for today. As you wake up each morning, be grateful that you are given another day to learn more lessons. You are given more chances to get on track, to live more honestly and openly, to love more, and to give more. Then set your mood for the day, by holding your hand over your heart and thinking about 4 things that make you feel warm inside: the smile of your two year old, the roses growing in your garden, snorkeling in Maui, a hug from your mother. This is living in the present. Experiencing emotions. Loving others. Giving of ourselves. Being who we are meant to be. Living our truth. Noticing what is around us. Being grateful for all that we have. Knowing that all is well. If tomorrow doesn't come for us, we can be ready for that, by living each day in the moment.

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