The Benefits of Good Nutrition

  • Mon 2nd Dec 2019 - 9:31am
    And although at fifty I'd cleared the symptoms by Circo2 Review neutralizing those toxins, the toxins stored in my energy field had never been addressed, mainly because I didn't understand the importance of cleansing into the energy field. Clearing root cause is necessary if radical wellness, a new way to think of homeostasis, is to be reached. Through intuited research we found some answers1 Richard, at 76, had been told he needed immediate kidney dialysis. We were able to intuit the root cause as Repair Loop/immune system damage at about age nineteen. He had a strong constitution and chose to do a four-week vibrational cleanse using subtle energy medicine. Four weeks later his doctor was surprised to see his creatin level was down and gave him an appointment for two months later to re-check. No mention of dialysis. However, because he was still using his very acidic medications, he started to experience acid build up with a negative effect on his homeostasis. Richard's daughter told us recently that her father was using an energy formula to daily clear the toxic residue of those meds until he could be weaned off the new (and harmful) meds by his doctor. John no longer needs the insulin shots he's been giving himself for four years. His Repair Loop/immune system was damaged years before due to man-made toxins by inhalation, which affected his pancreas. Once again, energy medicine was able to get at the root cause and in just four weeks. John, who was one of the lucky 90% of the population with a strong constitution, had a fast turn around.

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